Kai Greene Natural


Hey Marc – do you think Kai Greene is natural?



But to be fair, without doing an actual test for specifics, I am just answering based on 20+ years of knowing what people can do in the gym with 5-6 meals a day and hard training.  Do I think he works hard for his physique?  Absolutely.  Do I think he has superior generics?  Heck yeah.  But nobody who is in the Top 10 of any bodybuilding competition like Mr. Olympia is “natural.”  If they were, the other top 10 guys who were generically gifted would blow them away.

And does it matter?  I mean, when it comes down to it, if Kai is natural or not, who really cares?

  • How does that affect your training?
  • How does it affect your life?

I quit following Pros and who’s doing what where years ago.

Welcome to the New JustAskMarc

Many of you don’t know me.  Many of you don’t care.  I’m okay with both.  If you found this site thru a link or a search engine, changes are without me forcing you to save this, you’ll never be back to read this post as it might be your last.  I decided to make fitness how it always has been to me.

Question to Answer to Discussion to Understanding

Even after 20 years and the invention of the Internet, I still think in terms of… “what is, what do I, have you heard of, how do I?”  To me, bodybuilding, fitness, health in general is done in question and answer format until one reaches a point where they know the very basics and can work within that framework.  Without a keen understanding of the fundamentals, you’ll be a sucker for every huckster that sells you a gluten-free diet or convinces you that hardgainers do exist (they do not).

This will be a minimalist blog.

  • Content matters and the rest is crap.
  • I am not asking for your sign up for some newsletter that I never intend to write.
  • You won’t be spending time looking at selfies of me.
  • I am not posting videos of PR deadlifts or some crazy ass exercise I just invented after my 6th beer with a TRX and a buzz on.

You have questions.  Maybe I know the answer.  In the meantime, I’ve had over 20 years of collecting fitness related questions.  I’ll post them.

This is more of an experiment than anything else.  I don’t particularly care for the fitness industry as a whole.  It’s a business like anything else.  But somewhere buried in there, past all the affiliate links and click here so I can make money, there is truth, there are basics and fundamentals that you can use every day to lead a better life.

I invite you along on this journey.  You are welcome to ask a question.  Maybe we’ll learn something together.

From a bathroom wall at my college back in the day- “If the opposite of pro is con, then the opposite of progress is…”

PS – I lied about the selfies!