Reader Asks - Why Can't I Lose Weight?

How many of you have cut calories, exercised more, only to keep the fat or even come to a complete stand-still?  It’s pretty frustrating when you are eating right, making good food choices, doing your exercise and being active and yet, nothing budges.  You don’t change, you don’t burn the fat and essentially you are at a standstill.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

When this reader sent in this question  – “Marc, why can’t I lose weight?”

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I could tell he was frustrated.  He sent me enough information to evaluate the situation.  In this podcast we’ll cover the basics of:

  • Why your weight loss can stagnate
  • Is there anything called the Metabolic Syndrome
  • How not eating can slow your body’s calorie burn so that what you think is happening, probably isn’t
  • What you can do about this frustrating situation without turning to fad diets

Resources You Should Visit During this Podcast:

The Calorie Deficit Cheat Sheet

An extremely well written piece on the primary reasons why you aren’t losing that weight and why you can’t maintain the weight loss once you’ve hit the target.  Nice recommendations, lists and things to think about before you do anything rash like crashing dieting or extreme calorie cuts.

Metabolic Damage Series

Dr. Layne Norton does justice with this series.  Ever wonder why you diet down, then seem to gain the weight back but this time it is with more fat and takes longer to keep going thru the cut cycles?  What is the energy gap and how could that affect your ability to burn the most fat possible?  A long series but really worth spending the time to watch to get a solid understanding of some common terms like “starvation mode” or “metabolic slowdown.”



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